Thursday, November 17, 2011

Jinoshima -Fishing Island

"Jinoshima" is a fishing island in Munakata. It's 10 minutes away from the harbor by boat. (300 yen for one way) I remember I went camping there a couple of summers in my childhood. Time seems to go by so slowly and peacefully in Jinoshima. Since kids population has been dropping deeper and deeper, the village established one year exchange student program in 2003 to save the elementary school from shutdown. "Nagisa-no-ie" (meaning "shore house") is open as a dorm for those kids. Here's the article on They also recruit the instructors to look after exchange students at Nagisa's every year. It must be such a great opportunity for both students and instructors to experience culture, nature, and communication that tend to be cared less and less in recent years.


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