Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mojiko Retro

I don't remember when was the last time I visited Mojiko. ( Unfortunately it was a rainy day this time. I've heard Mitsui Club was a good place to have a lunch but it was packed with tourists so we decided to cruise around more. 



In a few minutes, we found a traditional looking house-turned-into-a-cafe called "Nishiki" in the alley way. It was such a jackpot! 1F is a tearoom with cozy sofa and 2F is a private tatami room with a nice view. I had Nishiki Gozen which was super healthy yakuzen (cooking based on chinese medicine) style. The lunch was finished with delicious desert and coffee. Taste, ambience, everything was perfect. I would love to go back again.



The next stop was "Old Moji Customs Building". Nothing much going on inside the building but you can view the library and the bridge called Blue Wing Moji from the 2nd and 3rd floor, which was beautiful. Mojiko Local Beer Factory is located at the other side of Blue Wing Moji. We could get the table by the window on the 3rd floor, enjoyed viewing the harbor over Weizen beer.



Mojiko Station is so beautiful at night. It was still raining but I couldn't help taking one last shot.



At last we stopped by this very modern looking cafe called "Café UMINEKO" right next to the train station. Apparently this cafe/shop opened 2 weeks ago. Caramel latte was soooooo delicious!


最後は『Café UMINEKO』という駅のすぐ横のモダンなカフェに立ち寄ってみました。このカフェ兼雑貨屋さんは2週間前にオープンしたとのこと。キャラメルラテが美味しすぎでした。

:::::::::Today's finds::::::::::

Tsurutaro Kataoka 's painting on postcard, I didn't know this actor was also an artist.


My favorite shop of the day:
Great Unknown & PLATZ 

Great Unknown & PLATZ 

The owner and the artist Mr. Shiro's artwork caught my attention. This "Heart Tree" was especially outstanding and I ended up purchasing the canvas style print. I can't wait to hang it on the wall. The following is the additional postcards I bought. I was lucky that I could have some conversation with Mr. Shiro at PLATZ.


オーナーでアーティストのShiroさんの絵にとても惹かれました。この『Heart Tree』が特にステキで、キャンバスプリントを購入することにしました。早く壁に飾りたいな〜。下はポストカード達。ちょうどPLATZの方にShiro氏がいらっしゃり、お話しすることができてラッキーでした。

I wish it wasn't raining so I could check out more shops but there were plenty of findings. I wonder when will be the next visit.



Ceramic Day

Beads are now finished and my next challenge is dinnerware.


The instructor is showing me the basics of forming dish by hand. (without a potter's wheel)
I used a dish shaped plaster mold, measuring its dimension and cutting out the shape with a compass at first. Then cover the mold with 5mm thick clay and carefully and evenly form the dish shape. Hair dryer is the key to the quick procedure. 



After 2 hours, I completed two bowls, two smaller plates, and one large plate.
They need to be dried for a week and then fired to be bisques. There are so many steps to take!



Wednesday, October 26, 2011

On a Sunny Autumn Day

After the rain, it was a clear sunny day today.
Flowers and leaves in the garden looked so lively under the sun.
Today's lunch was tempura udon. Yum!




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