Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Irvine Ranch Historic Park - Katie Wheeler Library

Enjoyed exploring a part of Irvine Ranch Historic Park, Katie Wheeler Library.

It is located just across from the mall I occasionally run errands at. I just happened to see the sign the other day when driving through and got curious.

Sometimes I miss walking everywhere on the street rather than always driving. You find more interesting places by foot, while in a car, unknown places tend to stay unknown forever no matter how many times you drive on that road.

I later learnt that this is an original house location where the Irvine Family settled down in 1900s to evacuate from the devastation of 1906 San Francisco Earthquake. As the powerful landowner of Orange County, the city of Irvine was named after the Irvines, which in fact was the only knowledge I had about the family.

Anyhow, the original house was burnt to be completely demolished in 1960s and this building was replicated recently to be open as a public library. And "Katie Wheeler" is a descendant who was born and raised in the original home.

This heavy duty iron gate tickles my imagination; surviving the fire to be standing on the exact same place as then. The land next to the gate is a patch of orange grove, which must have dominated the whole towns and sceneries, covering acres and acres of lands to produce Valencia orange and citruses back in the days.

Well, I might return soon for borrowing some books or admiring the rose garden in the spring time.
One more thing I didn't know about: this library is entered as one of the OC's most haunted places!


徒歩時代はもっと色々こういう発見があったものだけど、 車生活になってからというもの、同じ道を何度走っても、ずっと気づかないままのスポットがあったりして、その土地について知らないことが多かったりします。





Monday, December 21, 2015

Moving Clouds & Whispering Leaves


The sun hesitates to come out lately.

To see the season's transitions, I visit the park.

It takes many shutter pressing to get the sharp image because of the trenbling hands from the cold air and also mean winds' blowing the objects at the exact moment I try to capture.

Winter breeze whispers mischievously through the yellow leaves under shifting clouds.

Naked skinny branches against the airy cotton candy sky create a delicate sumi-e (ink wash painting) artwork.

They say it will bring some rains again tomorrow.










Warm Winter Day



Cold, gloomy, rainy, but sometimes warm and sunny.

When going just a few miles further on the familiar route, there's something new there that makes you feel a little lost and strange.

Here's a vision of such a stranger.






Thursday, December 17, 2015

Pink & White ~ピンクと白~



Dreamy soft pale pink toned rose quartz & pink tourmaline duet on hammered 14kt gold filled loop, connected to dainty chain to make this simple and romantic necklace.

Earrings are also made out of 14kt gold filled, starred by shimmering white Akoya pearl to give a dressy look.

Just posted on Etsy!






Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Claw Setting Three Stones Necklace -爪留めトリオストーンネックレス-



Peach pink toned andesine stones set into sterling silver claw setting, joined by pearl teardrop to make a trio cluster. Simple, rustic and romantic appeal.




Sunday, December 13, 2015

Dreamy Beach



Despite the big cold storm from the previous day, the beach was surprisingly warm and the water was unusually calm. The water was beautifully sandwiched by the evening soft yellow toned sunlight and the reflection on the shoreline.

After a storm comes a calm. So true, and so is the vice versa: after a calm comes a storm. It rained heavily the next day.

Happy to have caught the perfect precious moment between storms.







Thursday, December 10, 2015

Silver Pyrite x Oxidized Silver ~パイライトx燻し銀~

Hammered sterling silver circle loops accented with small silver pyrite beads made into earrings, necklace and bracelet.

Just posted on Etsy!



Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Pastry Week ~パン週間~

Here are some of what I'm enjoying for breakfast this week.

Coffee cream & corn roll from Bon Epi Cafe and calamari stick (with mozzarella cheese), multigrain, potato cheese pie and also rum raisin bread, which isn't pictured here but so addictive, from 85°C Bakery. 

I tend to always get the same things from these places. 

"Taste" is a funny thing.





Monday, December 7, 2015

New Jewelry Posted. ~新作ジュエリー~



Here are some cluster stone necklaces and simple long wire earrings, all posted on Etsy.

Dreamy grayish blue toned moss aquamarine teardrop makes a winter inspired elegant cluster, including pyrite, iolite, rock crystal and pearl.

Shimmering sweet peach pink toned chalcedony to make an orange coral and gold pyrite whimsy.

Earrings are purple amethyst and indigo blue toned lapis lazuli with vivid coral to bring out the color contrast.

Clicking each image will take you to the listing.









Sunday, December 6, 2015

Holiday Colored Weekend @サウスコーストプラザ



Spent Sunday evening in South Coast Plaza where was a full of holiday mood.




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