Sunday, May 1, 2016

Birds and Flowers


Windy chilly Sunday evening in the lake.

These regular faces were hanging out in the usual spot.

When I noticed one of the white ducks has a missing eye and also the Egyptian goose with his limping left leg, a lady with a bag of food approached, started feeding them and told me that these two had been rescued for their injuries and recently released.

Surprised to see the one-eyed duck eating off the lady's hand with no hesitation. 
Once rescued, they may become more comfortable with humans.

Instead of being attacked, one-eyed duck seems to be welcomed back and 
cared by the fellow ducks, which was very nice to see.







The flowers at the park was showing some fading sides already:

Most of the bougainvillea's pink leaves fell off and so were roses.

I wonder if it's from the crazy shift of the temperature we are experiencing.

The weather has been very strange lately.








Friday, April 29, 2016

Ring turned pendant



This moonstone piece gave me some struggling moment yesterday.

Right when I finished the stone setting, the band broke off.

Another hour was spent to remove the stone, soldered the broken pieces again, put the stone back and did a better stone setting job than the previous time, then..... Deja vu.... yes, broke again.

Rather than removing the stone again, I made it into a pendant.

This is now going to be addded to my personal collection as a "lesson piece".










Today's Outfit & Story of Evil Eye



The colors of today's outfit are moss green (top), taupe brown (smoky quartz) and grayish pale purple mauve (nail). This green tone seems to match quite well with the tone of smoky quartz.


And the newly posted item, evil eye ring. Ever since I was gifted Turkish blue glass evil eye wall hanging, I had been curious about this symbol and made me want to make my version of it. So, here's the basic information of this mysterious motif.


Evil Eye amulet is said to protect the wearer from the "eyes" of the undue or excessive praise or jealousy that would eventually lead one to physical or mental illness. The belief of evil eye goes back to Ancient Rome and Greece, then the idea was widespread over Middle East, Europe, and India with slightly different takes yet basically the same concept. I would be wearing this and look at it to remind myself to stay humble whatever achievement I would make in life.







イビルアイは、心身の病の原因とされる、賛美(身分不相応だったり過剰なまでの、あるいは嫉妬) の「目」から守るお守り、ということで、この信仰は古代ギリシャ・ローマに始まり、少しずつ形を変えながらも基本的には同じ意味合いのまま、中東、ヨーロッパ、インドへと広がっていったとのこと。なにかやり遂げた時に、この目を眺めては謙虚な心を思い出す、なんていう使用法でもよいかもですね。




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