Friday, October 30, 2015

Minimalist Silver Earrings



Minimalist, urban, industrial style earrings, finished today. Monochromatic appeal.




Work in progress, etc.



1. Worked on three different earrings yesterday. The customer sent me the images of earrings that she wants something similar to and here is what I came up with. I will be putting more work detailing on them today.

2. I started keeping a journal some months ago and now I decided to write down "last night's dream" every morning. So far, a failure.... It turned out that writing anything in the morning is quite a challenge. Simply, it's hard to get in the mood for writing right when I wake up. But dreams are usually pretty visual and nonsense that they fade very fast. Let's see if I get good at it.

3. Roses are once again from Cal Poly campus. They looked thirsty. The sign of drought is seen everywhere.

4. Being bored of blue sky, I'm so attracted to clouds lately. The gloomier, the better.


1. 昨日はこの3種類のピアス作りに取り組んでいました。とあるお客様よりこれに似たものが欲しい、とのことで画像をいただいたので、そこから起案したといういきさつで。今日仕上げです。

2. 何ヶ月か前から日記をつけ始めたのですが、前の日みた夢も毎朝記録しよう、と決意。とはいえ、今のところ難航してます。朝何かを書くというのはなかなかなチャレンジ。起きてすぐというのは書こうという気にはとてもならなくて。でもたいてい映像的でナンセンスだからか、すぐに消滅してしまう。うまいこと書き留められるようになるのか、しばし試すことにします。

3. バラは再びカルポリキャンパス。なんだか水を欲しているかんじでした。いたるところで見られる、干ばつの痕跡。

4. 青空には飽きたところで、最近は雲に惹かれます。どんよりしていればいるほどよい。


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Earthy and Whimsical



Modern chic post earrings and earthy one-of-a-kind bracelets posted on Etsy!



Monday, October 26, 2015

New Creation



Fall / Winter inspired lustrous pieces posted on Etsy!

Hammered patina copper leaf earrings and Japanese Akoya pearl long gold necklace.





Cal Poly Pomona ~Pond~


The pond is also full of creatures. Koi fish, red-eared sliders (big ones, a lot of them!), a flock of familiar looking ducks and this much larger guy with red face called Muscovy duck. According to my mr. alumni, this loner duck must be living here at lease for ten years, always alone, hanging out in the same spot. When it got dark and we were about to leave, all ducks started getting out of the water and waddled away maybe to their sleeping pad. Meanwhile, the big boss was still sitting by the water. I said good-bye to him and left the campus.


池にも生き物がわんさか。鯉、ミドリガメ(大きめのやつ、しかも沢山!) 、お馴染みのアヒルたち、そして大ぶりで顔の赤いマスコビーダックという種のカモ。うちの卒業生が言うには、この独り者のアヒルくんはおそらく10年はここでこうして暮らしていると思われるとのこと。いつも一人で、同じ場所をブラブラしているらしい。とっぷりと日が暮れてさて帰ろうか、という頃、アヒルたちが次々と池から上がってきました。よちよちと、寝床に歩いて行くのかな。一方、ボスは相変わらず水辺に佇んでいたので、お別れを告げ、キャンパスを後にしました。


Sunday, October 25, 2015

Cal Poly Pomona ~Buildings~


Cal Poly buildings are a mixture of an original mission ranch style and a modern architectural style. Cal Poly Pomona and San Luis Obispo are the only two polytechnic universities in California. Pomona offers 8 departments including business, engineering, hospitality and agriculture. Environmental design sounds cool, although I'm sure it involves lots of science classes that are over my head. Library was very crowded for Saturday. I see kids here study very hard.

カルポリ大学の建物は、昔ながらのミッションランチスタイルとモダン建築スタイルが混在。カリフォルニアではポリテク(職業能力開発促進)大学は、このカルポリ(カリフォルニア州立工科大学)ポモナ校とサンルイスオビスポ校の二校のみ。ポモナ校はビジネス、エンジニア、福祉、農業などを含め8学部。環境デザイン学部が面白そう。きっと理科系のクラスもたくさん必須なのだろうと予想するのですが。。(←苦手分野。) 図書館は、土曜にしてはとても混んでいました。ここの学生たちの勉強熱心なのが伝わってきます。


Cal Poly Pomona ~Animals~

Healed by animals today in Cal Poly Pomona.


Dropped by Kellogg Arabian Horse Center, donated to the university by Mr. Kellogg (known for the cereal company), to admire beautiful horses.
They were too busy digging in the food to show their pretty faces but I was excited to be so close to them and pet the friendliest one. Precious things...

Here's the cow farm inside the campus. They were all scattered and far from the fense in the beginning. And then... they all started staring at me curiously and slowly walking towards me. Two cows, three, and five gathered up side by side in the end. I have no idea what they were thinking. Did they want to defend themselves or they thought I brought them some food or maybe I looked like a food...? -I saw some of them drooling in fact! It was getting dark. I said good-bye to these mysterious moomoos.


There are so many wild animals and birds fearlessly running and flying around everywhere on campus. And look at this guy. He stopped running, glanced at me and stood up as if he wanted to challenge me. No, I don't want to fight you, please! Wild animals here seem to be less afraid of people.



Monday, October 19, 2015

Simplicity - Etsy Inspiration

Simple and modern inspiration filled with my Etsy teammates: The Last Word & Curator Challenge Team.
"Love the life you live. Live the life you love." - Bob Marley

シンプルモダンなインスピレーション。お世話になっているEtsyのチーム、The Last WordCurator Challenge Team のメンバーたちをたくさん組み込みました。

Friday, October 16, 2015

Finished Pieces and Work in Progress



New work from yesterday and today and also half done copper earring.

We seem to be having a cool weekend finally.





Thursday, October 15, 2015

New Creation


Made to order hexagon sterling silver minimal ring & long oxidized silver earrings accented with tanzanite and disc in the middle. There will be a few more new things this week!




Pink Flower Tree



It's mid October and the irregular heat is still brutal over here. It's supposed to be cooling down from today.

Not sure whether the crazy hot climate is making them or not, but these pink flower trees were blooming everywhere in a parking lot. (Vintage yellow Toyota looked cute with it)

The name of the tree turns out to be Silk Floss Tree, native in Argentina and Brazil. Its thorny trunk has a tropical exotic appeal. The name comes from the cotton or silk-like fibers surrounding the seed pods although you don't see them in the blooming season. What's also not showing but would create a pretty contrast is monarch butterfulies that are said to like its nector - reminds me of the mesmerizing monarch sanctuary in Monterey from last year.. I would love to visit again... LINK


10月も半ばだというのにいまだ異常な暑さ。 今日から涼しくなるとのことだけど。





Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Funky Rustic Jewelry vs Dainty Elegant Jewelry


New jewelry posted on the shop!

The navy blue toned dress worked quite well to show the contrast against both the iridescent labradorite teardrop and sparkling metallic pyrite beads.





Sunday, October 11, 2015

Movies - Watch List


Sunday morning, i am gathering movies that I want to watch next week including both old and new by going through YouTube trailers.

Some are for watching alone and the others are for watching with my other half. Can you tell which ones are for solo or for share?




Friday, October 9, 2015

Indian Summer?


I had a nice lunch date with my dear friend today, the hottest day on record.

It must be so-called Indian Summer. -It was near 100℉!

Three hours went by so quickly but the heat didn't go away so easily.

I had to finish this lovely gelato fast before it started melting.









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