Friday, November 28, 2014

Hiroshima Trip

I spent too much relaxing time during my trip in Japan, which kept me away from blogging for so long! I am now back in U.S., slowly recovering from a heavy jet lag so I start wanting to enjoy recalling precious moments in these past few weeks in my home country.

Hiroshima became one of my favorite places to visit in recent years. This countryside in the pictures is located in northern part of the region where my dad was born and grew up, later met my mom so that's how special it is for our family. I feel so lucky to have this treasure as something I am related to.

I don't know if you can tell by the pictures but this was such a freezing day, reported the first snow falling in Hiroshima. -see the thatched roof top covered by snow! My hand got ice-cold instantly after shooting a few photos so I had to quickly go back into the car. Next time, I will bring my gloves and also wear more proper outfit! Although my dad grew up there, he lost all his immune to the weather and seemed even colder than me. I can't imagine how he used to commute to school by skiing! That wild boy is completely gone.

This overcast sky gave me a chance to capture such mystic dreamy shots of beautiful nature. I was happy that it wasn't sunny this day. After visiting a grave, we headed to the city where we planned to stay over the night.



写真で伝わるかは分かりませんが、この日はとても寒く、なんと初雪だったとのこと。(茅葺屋根の上に積もってます) おかげで数枚写真を撮っただけで手が氷のように冷たくなり、すぐに車に戻らずにはいられない有様。次回は手袋持参で、もっとあったかくして挑みます!ここで育ったはずの父はというと、いまや免疫がすっかり消滅したと見え、私よりも寒がっていました。昔スキーで通学していたというワイルドさはどこへやら!


Monday, November 3, 2014

Ureshino Trip Day 2 - Shiiba Sanso

Day 2 in Ureshino Onsen.
We took a walk near "Shiiba Sanso" Hotel.
The hotel is surrounded with mountains by the beautiful creek.
Ureshino is known for tea so it was a little extra bonus that we happened to find a tea field
on the way. Also we were told by the local old man that these tombs along the field are from Edo period -between 1600s and 1800s! It was so nice to be able to enjoy the historical aspect in this trip.



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