Sunday, October 28, 2012

Light in the Dark

'light in the dark' by joonijewelry

Lacey Wool Felted B...

Unusual Edgy Antler...

OMBRE scarf - large...

Soy Candle. 100% N...

5x7 Fine art photog...

5x7 Searching - Fin...

Gemstone stud earri...

White cotton lace s...

Beach Sand Stars / ...

Taupe Sexy Sweethea...

pale seaglass green...

Vintage New Testame...

Native Deer neckwar...

Tiny Apache Tear Ob...

Vintage 70s Black B...

Light A Candle - Si...

Things are becoming more and more visual in our life. I was watching Japanese news introducing some kind of texting app that had a huge variety of face expression icons. The app inventor was explaining that sometimes things are better understood by images than words. I do agree. That's what arts are. But at the same time, isn't it sad if time comes when people don't know how to express their thoughts or feelings in their own words anymore in the future?

When we were kids, we said whatever we want. But once we learn that words could hurt the others or cause misunderstanding, some of us become less expressive or "give up". Expressing yourself here online is very tricky too.

So, I reached my own conclusion here. Doesn't have to be much but some important things should be said in own words, maybe by decreasing "no thinking before speaking". Easy to be said, hard to be done!





Saturday, October 27, 2012

weekend fashion


weekend by joonijewelry featuring essie

Untitled #16

Feeling Metallic & Creative Mind

It's all about metal today.
Something simple and won't go wrong with any casual wear.

My tumbler machine wasn't rolling good but WD-40 did its job.
Yes, I'm learning these things everyday!
Buying and learning how to use new tools is one thing and maintaining is another.

Copper and silver sheets arrived the other day.
Some experiments will happen next week.

What I've been thinking lately is this: How important it is to stay creative.
Being creative doesn't mean just actual crafting by hand.
It's more about "mind".

Cooking, gifting, business strategy, customer service, teaching, nursing, parenting, etc.

I came to realize more and more that creativity may be something that comes from personal consideration after all. If it's not, it won't work.
Opposed to this "creative mind" is "lazy mind", simply speaking.

Below are some custom sets I worked on earlier this week.
Understanding the customer's desire is sometimes hard especially only through email but that's the crucial moment of "creativity".
Maybe I used to be a bit lazy or insecure about it but I feel more comfortable with these challenges now.









Saturday, October 20, 2012

"one day trip" fashion & Uniqlo goodies

one day trip


Uniqlo is finally open in West Coast too! I'm hoping it will be Southern California (OC please) after San Francisco... I will be happy with their soon-to-be open online store otherwise. Uniqlo is where I shop the most during my visit in Japan. My luggage won't have to be so full and heavy with Uniqlo's goodies next time.



Thursday, October 18, 2012

Long Necklaces Styled Differently.

I think I'm getting closer to the image I have in my mind.
Now, this work with longer & larger pieces but with smaller and delicate ones,
I gotta think of different tactics. It was a hot day for these jackets!
To be continued.



Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Malachite Silk Knotted Necklace & New Challenge.

I kept these bubbly malachite beads wondering what kind of design could go with.
It's not a kind of stone I use so often. It also somewhat reminds me of "juzu" -buddhist rosary you hold in hand when praying. Well, it's pretty but kinda tricky for not looking so old-fashioned. I wanted to make it somehow simple, casual and modern. So I thought of mixing with silk thread but color combination was a hard one to think of. Then I saw my old magazine that shows a cute pair of sandals in these colors made by "Ferrucci", the Brazilian brand. So here it is. My first malachite necklace. Kinda tribal-inspired that may oppose to modern but simple and casual for sure.

Now here are my assignments.
First, my current items for sale on Etsy have been staying somewhere around 140 for a while.
I want to build up the collection to 150.
Second and this might take a while but I want to style the items with my clothing and photograph better so the viewers could get a better idea and also I myself could visualize my own style.
This one needs some photographing skills as well so will be a challenge in a long run.



1. 現在Etsyのコレクションは140点辺りを前後しているのですが、これを150点まで上げること。
2. これは時間のかかることだと思われるのですが、見る人にもっと雰囲気が伝わるように、そして自分でもスタイルがきちんと視覚化できるように、自作をもっと上手に洋服とスタイリングして、もっとよい写真を撮るということ。これは写真のスキルも求められることなので、長期戦になりそうです。

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

NEW: Double Circle Link with Gemstone Necklace

I was working on this yesterday and today.
It is a very simple rustic style necklace with a little twists. 
Which color would you pick?



Rustic Naturalism

Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend -cafe, shopping & lunch

Pain Du Monde is the coffee shop that I stop by when I'm at Fashion Island 
in Newport Beach. They serve organic tea by Mighty Leaf and their hojicha green tea gives me a lovely familiar taste. I had Caramel Latte the other day though. It was pretty sweet but yummy.

When you enter the cafe, you will be welcomed by Mr. John Wayne on the wall. 
The airport in OC is also called "John Wayne Airport".
The actor lived in Newport area until he died in 1979 and was buried in Corona Del Mar.




I did a little girly shopping next day at OFF 5TH in Orange, the outlet of Saks Fifth Avenue.
OFF 5TH has a nice selection of my favorite brands like Free People, Theory, Vince, Joie, 
also the cosmetics such as M.A.C, Clinique and Origins, etc.
I think the prices are very competitive over all.
As a user of Clinique & Origins, this place is hard to let go.
I find outlet pretty overwhelming unless I know what I'm looking for.
I come to this one only when I really need something and know what it is.
There are also some little things that could be good souvenirs to bring back to Japan.



This is tuna sandwich from Hamada-ya at Mitsuwa Marketplace in Irvine.
Their tuna roll is yummy as well. I crave for them occasionally.




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