Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Are you ready for holiday and 2012?

'Holiday Flavor' by joonijewelry

















Are you getting ready for big holiday?
2011 is almost over. How was your 2011 like? Are you ready for 2012?
My 2011 was full of realization including family love and pursuing my real passion. I also met the perfect quote this year: "Do what you love and love what you do".  I didn't feel like that this year flew fast but felt more valuable than the past years. I wonder how my 2012 will turn out to be!



Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Holiday

We had a cozy dinner at home, indulging wine and homemade roasted turkey with persian rice at Thanksgiving night. Then we decided to take an impulsive one day trip to Northern California next morning.



After hotel check-in and a bit of night-out, we took a good night rest to prepare for breakfast buffet next morning....which was so awesome!!! Yum yum yum :)


チェックインを済ませてちょっぴり夜の町に繰り出した後、次の日の朝のビュッフェに備えてしっかり休養することに。ビュッフェはというと、美味しかった〜!! ^^)

Next morning after buffet, we headed out to Downtown SF. We got really tired from the chaos in the big city and decided to stop by Monterey to chill. Good old Monterey. Although it was a night time and we only had a few hours to spend, it turned out to be an awesome visit as usual. We shall be back soon!!



................................... Lessons learned from this trip ...........................

1:  I have to remember to bring my tiny camera next time so I can take more casual shots without scaring people....

2:  No more Union Square especially during holiday weekend!!! Nothing is more exhausting than walking around with no purpose in such huge crowds.

3:  No more midnight long distance driving...... I've never experienced such dense fog and strong wind (with mini tornado!) on freeway......

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 今回の旅行から得た教訓 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::




Tuesday, November 22, 2011

This is how they turned out -Ceramic

Voila! Those are the completed pieces out of fun process of ceramic work back in Japan. I'm so in love with those dinnerwares that I use them almost everyday. I'm also so happy with how the necklace & bracelet turned out. I gotta have my design ideas ready next time so I can make more beads more quickly. Forming clay is one part but more time consuming is two firing process. It was quite hectic but such fun experience!




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