Sunday, November 20, 2011

Artful Gifts from Japan -Handmade & Supplies

I've got lots of lots of heart warming gifts in this trip. Here's a part of it.
The top crocheted knitted floral handbag is made by my talented cousin. It is amazingly pretty! Many thanks to her. It will be worn all the time in this winter. The coral dangly necklace was made by my mom. She used to be so addicted to making jewelry and now her focus is fully back to ceramic. She also gifted me her collection of gemstones assuming that she wouldn't go back to jewelry making any more. I promise that I will use them very wisely!! And..... those beautiful kimono fabrics are from my mom's friend. Since she's a big kimono collector, I asked her where I can get those fabric. Instead of taking me to the place, she brought a bunch of her own. She herself is a very creative person. She showed me this astonishing hanging decoration called "Yanagawa Sagemon", the traditional gift for a newborn baby girl in Yanagawa, Fukuoka. It's so colorful that I got some energy just by looking at it. Thank you so so much!!

We went to IKEA yesterday to get some Christmas items. I will be posting soon....




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