Thursday, September 28, 2017

Simple Delicate Metalwork Jewelry w/ Herkimer - シンプル/繊細 アクセ (ハ ーキマー・シルバーゴールドミックス・重ねづけ)

Delicate and simple jewelry accented with chains, wires, herkimer diamond in gold & silver mixed metal style. Keep it solitaire or mix and match? More items with mixed stones will be coming soon!


Thursday, September 21, 2017

Made To Order Personalized Jewelry

I also made the customized letter stamped sterling silver bracelet with leather band, mixed metal copper heart sterling silver solitaire & stacking ring set the past week. Copper gives a rose gold like tone. For the ring set, the customer was not exactly sure about the size but we guessed it right. Relieved when I heard from her it worked out prefect.


Baltic Amber Jewelry

Golden honey sparkly Baltic amber creation ❤︎

Looked through the sunlight, the fossilized organic resin gives away the mesmerizing warmth.

I can't help but imagining where this precious jewel came from, spending thousands of years being formed in the region of Baltic Sea.

Nothing can beat the beauty of nature's creations.





Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Zodiac, Infinity & Cross Bracelets

While being a bit away from blogging, I've been making some new items to show.
I used to sell lots of zodiac birthstone necklaces and still have quite a few sets of zodiac charms, so
here is the simple minimalist bracelet, made to order in bright silver or oxidized silver. 

Next up is the infinity love/friendship bracelet, which I believe a 5th one so far.

And finally, the new cross bracelet, accented with herkimer bezel next to the wire-wrapped mixed stones.

The new season is arriving but these dainty bracelets will still be cute & elegant to show under the long sleeves.

オーダーメイドで、光沢 or 燻し仕上げどちらか選んでいただけます。




Monday, September 4, 2017

Dainty Metalwork Jewelry Ⅱ

More metalwork jewelry created and posted for sale last week.

Hammered links, floral, herkimer diamond, copper mixed designs, etc.

Labor Day & Early Autumn Sale : All items 10% off !



レイバーデイ(労働者の日)&初秋セール: 全品10%オフです!


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