Friday, May 19, 2017

Image Overlay - Nikon


I didnt' trim the blanches of lantana plant till early spring, which delayed the blossom this year.

So I was happy to see these small orange flowers blooming the other day. It's turning pink now.

I was experimenting with multiple exposure in my Nikon camera to take this lantana picture (the second one) and

ended up playing with some images that I took a while ago in a RAW format. It's a function under "image overlay"

Pretty addicting.







Gold Tassel Earrings & Mixed Stone Bracelet

New creations & a few earrings that went overseas.


This bracelet was custom made for the customer at The Hearth Shop in Carmel.

Two more will be made next week (waiting now for the materials to arrive)


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Herkimer Bezel Necklace & Earrings

Working on these custom made jewelry with small herkimer diamond quartz.


Etsy x Beach House

Etsy x Beach House

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Statement Necklace vs Minimalist Bracelets

1. Multi Strand Mixed Stone Oxidized Sterling Silver Link Necklace - knotted amethyst, amber, aventurineamazonite, chalcedony, carnelian, rose quartz, blue lace agate, iolite, garnet, prehnite, coral, lapis lazuli, mother of pearl with ruby & turquoise at the end of the extender.
Full of spiritual energies in this one-of-a-kind statement piece!

2. Dainty Oxidized Sterling Silver Bracelet - labradorite or moonstone
Very simple and casual bracelet, great for everyday wear.
Would you choose labradorite, the stone of magic, or moonstone, the calming stone?

This red tumbler has been working very hard lately after being fully fixed!

1.3連ミックスストーンいぶし銀リングネックレス -アメジスト、アンバー、アベンチュリン、アマゾナイト、カルセドニー、カーネリアン、ローズクオーツ、ブルーレースアゲート、アイオライト、ガーネット、プレナイト、珊瑚、ラピスラズリ、マザーオブパールなどをシルク糸で編み込み、最後にルビー&トルコ石をアジャスター添えた、欲張りで存在感のある一点もの。

2. 繊細ないぶし銀ブレスレットは、ラブラドライトバージョンとムーンストーンバージョン。シンプルでカジュアルな日々の着こなしのお伴に。魔法の石、と言われるラブラドライト、それとも鎮静の石、ムーンストーン?


Saturday, May 6, 2017

Dainty Link Jewelry


Links, links, links...

1. Bracelet is accented with gold pyrite for a whimsical contrast. Pyrite is a stone of luck, wealth and success, had been mistaken as gold, known as "Fool's Gold".

Shiny version with no pyrite makes quite a different look.

2. Made another ruby necklace. Joined by other colorful stones, ruby stands out as a stone of vitality. It is also 15th & 40th aniversary stone.

3.  Pastel toned multi color sapphire droplets add a romantic feminine look to the links. 

Sapphire is great for artists, also represents joy, peace and beauty. It is 5th & 45th anniversary stone. Oxidized version would bring a unique rustic feel.

Today was gloomy and chilly all day long so I dropped by my favorite cafe at night to have this yummy strawberry croissant and a cup of hot latte, which uplifted my mood nicely!


1. ブレスレットはゴールドパイライトを添え、コントラストを出してみました。パイライトは幸運、富、成功の石。しばしば金と混同されて「愚か者の金」と言われてきたとのこと。(ひどい、、)


2. ルビーネックレスは第2弾。他のカラフルな石たちに囲まれ、「活力」というキーワードがピッタリの存在感を発揮。ルビーは結婚15周年&40周年の宝石です。

3.  パステルトーンのマルチカラーサファイアをリングに添えるとぐっとロマンチックでフェミニンなかんじが増します。




Thursday, May 4, 2017

Mother's Day Sale & New Jewelry

To celebrate upcoming Mother's Day, 20% Off all orders.

Enter "MOM20" upon the checkout.

The long cascade earrings at the end were custom made for a bride.
(May these stones bring her much joy & happiness on her big day!)

Many new designs are also being released throughout the month so stay connected!






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