Friday, September 30, 2011

Green Amethyst & Tourmaline Earrings

Green Amethyst Tourmaline Gold Earrings:

I love the soothing tone in tourmaline, especially in green/blue hues.
The teardrop here is green amethyst.



Turquoise and Leather Bracelet

I love the turquoise & sterling silver & tan leather combination. Knotting part on a thick leather cord like this tends to get loose easily, so I wrapped sterling silver wire on it. It seems to be very secure this time.



Thursday, September 29, 2011

Old Bracelet

This is the bracelet I made at least 5 years ago and one of my friends purchased it back then.
She sent it back to me for a minor repair the other day. I'm glad that I got a chance to take a picture of it.
Back then, the value of sterling silver was 1/3 of what it is now.....(sigh) but I would love to make something like this again.



Weekend is almost there!

'Thursday Afternoon'
by joonijewelry


















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