Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hiroshima Trip Vol.4 -Fall Foliage

After saying hi to my grandma's grave, we continued on driving deeper in North.
I've never seen such beautiful fall foliage in my whole life. This is Northern Hiroshima, known for ski resort during winter time. This is where my dad grew up and met my mom. We found a log house restaurant called "Buna-no-sato" (meaning beech country). This lunch set was only 1000 yen! It was such a luxurious lunch time, sitting at the patio table surrounded by beautiful beech trees. The air was extremely clean. A bear sign standing by the side of the restaurant caught my attention. I asked the woman who served our lunch if she's actually seen one recently and she said yes. Just a few days ago she saw the bear walking across. There was also an incident last month that a woman tried to run from it and got bitten! How frightening!! People in the countryside are so tough. That's what impressed me in this trip. The other day, back in Fukuoka, there were so many bees flying around the patio area at my parents' house and I was the only one freaking out, running away screaming. Meanwhile the other women were just sitting there drinking tea calmly with huge bees flying above their heads. I almost started to believe that it would be so rare to be bitten by them when one lady was actually stung by one of them. Her reaction was amazing too. She was like "Ouch, I think I got bitten." I was acting like something really horrible happened and worried her so much but she was like "It hurt but I'm fine." Really!? The other women told me that that specific type of bee, which is called long-leg wasp, isn't as bad as the other kinds. I was so so surprised how brave they are!!! And made me feel like I'm such a wimp!! ...........

Back to the trees, although it was partially raining during our visit, we were so lucky to be able to view such magnificent natural beauty. I felt like my spirit was cleansed by it. Before dark, we started our long drive back home and this is how we ended our Hiroshima trip safely.





  1. 一応、秋らしい風景も見れたんだね^^

  2. オリーブ:



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