Thursday, April 25, 2013

New Work Posted on Etsy

Getting back to work gradually after the big event.
I realized that not many older Japanese women have their ears pierced while my earrings are all pierced style. Some asked for replacing to clip-on and the others decided to go to get their ears pierced later after the event ,which was so adorable and made me smile. My wish is to create something that bring cheers and charms to wide range of age groups.

考えてみれば、ピアスの穴が開いている日本人のおばさま族は少ないのに、私のは全部ピアスのスタイル。 イヤリングスタイルに替えてほしいとのご要望をいただいたり、後日ピアスを開けに行くと決意なさった方々もいらっしゃったりして、かわいらしくてついつい笑みがこぼれてしまいました。色んな年齢層の方々に、華やぎやなんらかのパワーをもたらせたら、というのが私の願い。

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