Friday, April 12, 2013

Bread, Pottery & Riot

I'm a big fan of Yoshikawa Bakery in Munakata.
My very favorite is Mischbrot, which they make on Mondays and Fridays only. I assume plenty of walnuts and raisins are added to suit Japanese taste but I just love it. Simple raisin bread below is also very soft and delicious.


We had them with fresh salad this morning.


My mom's motivation level has peaked to prepare for the exhibition which is happening on next Sunday. There are so many spring toned cups, bowls, plates, vases, pots, etc, etc.


Chihuahua riot! This newborn puppy girl wants to be friends with the grandpa above so badly but he doesn't let that happen. He scared her away after this. So sad.


I made another labradorite rings and some bracelets today which I was gonna photograph but the battery died after this shot.

今日はまたラブラドライトのリングと、ブレスを数点作りました。 写真を撮ろうと思ったのですが、このショットの後に電池切れ。

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