Friday, June 3, 2016

"My Name Is Aram" William Saroyan


"My Name is Aram" by William Saroyan, my recent bedtime book.
It's a book of short stories about an Armenian immigrant boy named Aram growing up, sometimes being mischevious while interacting with his friends, family, relatives and people living in Fresno, California in early 1900s.
Each character is colorfully portrayed with full of wits and humors in a calm manner. I like all stories - I have a few more stories to finish but I'm certain I like them too - they are all cute and make me smile.
Aram's school life stories like "A Nice Old-Fashioned Romance, With Love Lyrics and Everything" are also very sweet. It's surprising though how much the kids back then got physically punished by teachers! It reminds me of my high school days that I witnessed a male teacher slapping a female student, which was quite shocking but it could still easily happen 20 years ago without the abusive teacher being fired. Aram's punishments seem much more severe but as usual, Saroyan writes it as if it's nothing, no drama. Schools, teacher-student relationships, well, childhoods overall, have changed drastically in decades.

Well, a few visits I took to Fresno help me easily picture the farming scene or the empty spacious dry lands in my head, like in "The Pomegranate Trees". It's ashame that pomegranate fruits were unknown and unwanted back then!
Three words to describe Saroyan's writing style would be "peaceful", "nostalgic" and "charming".
I don't want to but I'm finishing the book soon..




Meanwhile, Oscar taking a nap on the table. The napping pose makes him look so chubby! So cute.
He might recognize my voice by now. When I call him out, he flies to me out of nowhere. Coincidence or not.



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