Sunday, June 5, 2016

Goose Family -Woodbridge North Lake



A family of geese just landed from the water to eat grass when we arrived.


Goslings, four of them, are already quite large but their wings aren't fully grown yet and their chirping is still baby like. They look so fluffy!


While eating, mommy and daddy were so protective, making sure no danger is reaching to their kids. Especially the dad. Look at him standing still in front of the "WARNING" sign as if he was the one that put up this sign! They might be a lot smarter than you would think.








食べながらも、パパとママは警護態勢を崩さず、子供達に危険が忍び寄っていないかしっかりと見張っている様子。特にお父ちゃん。「注意」の看板の前で直立不動。彼自身が立てたんじゃないかしらこの看板、とすら思わせる出で立ち!(雁は現在子育てのシーズンなので、親雁は巣や子供の保護態勢です。身の危険を感じると攻撃的になります。適度な距離を保ち、犬や子供を近づけないようにしてください、という内容。) 意外に賢いのかもね。





This lake has lots of red eared sliders too. They are very timid but hungers make them a little brave.









In Santa Monica.

My Nikon camera didn't get out of the car due to the sudden overcast weather.

No sunset, oh well!






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