Sunday, June 19, 2016

La Jolla : Flower, Oceanview & Birds




To escape the heat in Irvine, we drove to the south, La Jolla San Diego. (20℉ difference!)

2 hour spent on the heavy traffic was definitely worth it. The weather was overcast in a perfect temperature!

After taking a quick stop at the beach, Bird Rock Coffee Roasters Cafe was the next stop for a cup of iced cafe latte. I was glued on the chair for a while there, admiring these beautiful yellow "Golden Medallion" flowers along the street outside.



And these views (and birds), priceless!

Amazingly, not too crowded for such a gem.

Bisides a flock of pelicans resting against the steep cliff, tiny seagull chicks also melted my heart.

Far from the parents, their bodies were leopard patterned.

So tiny and clearly not able to fly yet, but fearlessly standing near the edge of the cliff, what an adorable sight.

Once again, my habit came out... I couldn't help talking to one of these seagulls that looked somewhat philosophical, standing still on the pointy rock and occasionally tilting its head. I can easily picture him wearing a top hat and round glasses.


The wonderful day ended with this gorgeous sunset.


All images shot with iPhone

















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