Tuesday, May 31, 2016

New Labradorite Designs & NYX Palette, etc.



These two items that I couldn't finalize for a few days are now finished.


It's a subtle difference but the front closure of the necklace can be enjoyed in 3 ways, depending on which link to place the hook on.


And these unique hoop earrings display gray, blue greenish summer tone with labradorite, iolite and mystic green quartz.


They both involve a soldering torch work, sterling silver jewelry.















I'm not so much of a cosmetic person but have alway had a weakness to eyeshadow palettes... NYX is my recent favorite. Out of three options, I picked this combination, which has the least glitters and more matte tones that I prefer. What makes it more cute is a mirror and brushes hidden underneath these shadows.

This palette will be enough for me to play with for a while!






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