Wednesday, June 15, 2016

New Necklaces - bezel & layer






A little slow on production so far this week.

It might be fatigue from the past week that I wasn't aware of and suddenly got to me!

Here are two necklaces that I finished and posted today.

I set oval purple amethyst in bezel, accentuating with prehnite drop as an anchor and small labradorite beads on the side.

- Crystal Keywords -

Prehnite: Strengthen Life Force, Increase Energy, Spirit Communication.

Amethyst: Peace, Sobriety, Stability, "Sobriety Stone".

Labradorite: Creativity, Originality, Uniqueness.



Double strand layering necklace featuring rock crystal quartz and labradorite is sold to my dear regular customer as soon as it was posted. I might be making a similar one again. I'm very grateful!


I will be spending the night deciding what to make tomorrow....


Watched "The Conjuring" last night.

I thought it has a similar feel to "Insidious" that gave me serious chills,

no wonder, it's directed by the same guy, James Wan.

Victorian houses are so beautiful and just so perfect to play a squeaky haunted house!










< 石言葉 >

プレナイト: 活力、エネルギー、コミュニケーション

アメジスト: 平和、平静、安定

ラブラドライト: 創造性、独創性、ユニークさ















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