Sunday, June 19, 2016

La Jolla : Beaches & Palm Trees





The past few visits to La Jolla San Diego ended up with a sprinkle of rain and so was this time. The sky showed a moody face: it was mostly gray but sometimes blue with releasing a little bit of sunlight.


Two beaches shown here are not so far from each other but had completely different feelings. That's what I like about the beaches here. Especially the ones that aren't so populated. Finding one of these secret beaches, where only local people would go to, makes the trip so much more fun. So here's this hidden beach filled with beautiful yellow brownish pebbles. In the water were surfers looking out at sea waiting for the right moment. Not much action though because of the calm water.


The other beach was a more open one with many tourists. I was hoping to see some sea lions laying on these rocks but had no luck. I leave this joy for next time.


Photographed with Nikon.










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