Thursday, September 8, 2011

Temecula Old Town テメキュラオールドタウン

After wine tasting, we stopped by Old Town. The town is famous for antique shops, cheese shop, wine bars, and Temecula Olive Oil Company where we tried "olive oil tasting". Citrus olive oil and basil olive oil were very interesting. The girl who was helping us mixed the citrus olive oil with pomegranate vinaigrette which tasted the best. The shops started closing around 5 o'clock and that's when we started heading back home (after stopping by Starbucks where I spilt hot tea all over my lap..........what an accident.....). On the way back, I realized that autumn is already there. During summertime, it doesn't get dark till around 8, but by the time we came home around 7, the sky was burning. The beautiful sunset welcomed us back to our home town and that was the end of our trip.



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