Sunday, September 11, 2011

From Fall Catalogs and etc, etc...

::::::::::::from Sundance Catalog::::::::::::::::

:::::::::::::from Urban Outfitters::::::::::::::::

:::::::::::::Flyer from Lucky Brand:::::::::::::::

::::::::::::::::from Here::::::::::::::::::

Although I don't miss extreme heat or cold weather, I do miss four seasons that I haven't experienced a while. I can't remember how I used to go over my closet, saying goodbye to all the summer clothes to put in the storage box and say hello to fall winter clothes. It was a quite refreshing and exciting moment. Also the way nature tells us the season's arrival visually or by sound; leaves turning red or yellow and crickets' hoarse voice. Over here what I see and hear is green leaves and crows' caw all year long. I'm not complaining but I just miss those things sometimes...



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