Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cheerful Autumn Collection

'Whimsical Harvest' by joonijewelry

















I'm eager to find lots of cheerful colors and floral patterns this week!
I love love tan leather boots and warm hued leather handbags in this season♥


  1. Yoko,

    You make the most beautiful treasuries! And so many of them! My problem is that every time I go to make a treasury, THREE HOURS later I am still working on them! I can't seem to put one together quickly, so I don't do them very often. Do you have any pointers for me? Maybe I'm just not a good curator and should leave it to the professionals. -Adria

  2. THank you so much, Adria and sorry for this late response.... I wonder why I didn't catch it! Yes, treasury making is sometimes very overwhelming!! I think more you do, better and quicker you get. I'm still working on it!!



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