Friday, June 22, 2012

Soldering kit arrived!

My soldering kit arrived yesterday.
I watched the included DVD to recall my memory...
I'm going to get butane gas and a crock pot over the weekend so I can slowly start next week.

What I want to do with this new tool is.....
recycling some silver scraps and making some links with the thick wires that I've kept for years since I was taking metal art class in Monterey. My new journey is about to begin.......


シルバーの切れ端たちのリサイクルと、 モントレーで彫金クラスを受講していた時以来ずっと持っていた太めのシルバーのワイヤー達で輪っかを作ること。また新たな旅の始まりです・・・。

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