Thursday, June 14, 2012

Napa & Sonoma

It was our second visit to Hagafen Cellars, Napa. It's a family owned friendly and cozy winery. We love their wine that we enjoy on their patio. We bought a bottle of 2010 White Riesling. They told us that 2011 Riesling is coming up soon and is even better. We left telling them we will return to taste it.


Next stop was Darioush, Persian winery near Hagafen. It is an upscale winery like a museum or a palace as you see. I bought very unique wine glasses from them last time but broke them... :( so my mission was to buy another pair this time. Unfortunately, they told us that it's been out of stock and they have been having hard time reordering it.... Hopefully they will contact us one day...


Since the style of our trip is becoming more "spontaneous", we didn't have a certain plan of which other wineries to visit after this. We stopped by Starbucks to browse around online but it was getting late and not many wineries stay open after 4pm. We found that a few places were still open in Sonoma that were like 10 - 15 miles away so we decided to give a try. The scenery in Sonoma was beautiful and seemed like bringing more traffic than Napa at that time.

旅のスタイルが「突発的」になってきている一貫で、その後どのワイナリーを訪れるか、ちゃんと決めていませんでした。スタバに寄ってネットサーフィン。時間が遅くなってきて、4時以降開いているところがあまりなく。 ソノマにまだ開いてるところを数軒発見。10~15マイル(16~24キロ)くらいの距離なので、行ってみようということになりました。ソノマの風景は素晴らしく、ナパよりも車が多い印象でした。

Here we are at lovely Italian style Jacuzzi Family Vineyards. I chose some drier red wines and desert wine called "Late Harvest Aleatico" which was so sweet and delicious. Then we had to rush to our next and last destination across the street.


I wish we had more time... I really don't remember how their wine tasted like now.... but Cline Cellars had a pretty lagoon where we sat down to enjoy our last moment in Sonoma before heading back on the road. Since everything closes early in this precious town, we couldn't explore the downtown area that seems to have a lot of cute shops. But yes, we enjoyed enough and there's always next time!


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