Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weekend Cruising

::Long Beach::

::Newport Beach::



::Santa Monica::

We do a little bit of exploring here and there on weekend.
We tend not to get out of our neighborhood, but once in a while we cruise around outside of OC.
Where we end up stopping by are no difference wherever we go though ; beaches, cafes, and cute shops :) They are what make me happy and inspire me.

Believe or not, I hadn't been to Malibu till today. "Malibu Country Mart" had a lot of interesting shops. The shops that Japanese girls are familiar with such as "Kitson", "Ron Herman", "Grom", etc. There are also some flagship shops like Alice + Olivia and James Perse inside this cute mall. I liked Anouk. (←very Californian) I liked the woody & earthy architectural layout. There are some fish tanks set up in one area where colorful tropical fishes are swimming around. Loved it:)

Btw, macaron is so cute......I couldn't help taking a photo!





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