Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Music Event @ nonna -Italian Restaurant in Munakata, Japan

The local family owned Italian restaurant called "nonna" hosted an accordion concert performed by an accordionist Naoko Iwatsu last Sunday. After indulging deserts and coffee,  we enjoyed the beautiful tone of accordion. Playlist was very eclectic ranging from Latin & Continental Tango, American, French, Classic, and even Japanese music. I was amazed how many variations that small instrument can play by itself. It can sound like a bit of orchestra! Also I enjoyed listening to so many different genres of music she played. It was awesome!!! She is flying soon to Buenos Aires, Argentine, to perform a concert as a member of Trio Los Fandangos.

nonna is my favorite Italian restaurant in Munakata, Fukuoka, Japan. It is located in the middle of rice fields and woods where you would never imagine there's such a modern & cute restaurant. The owner remodeled and turned their second home to be such a beautiful restaurant. Foods are very creative and delicious -I will show them next time! She loves to make breads and pastries which are also for sale in the restaurant. I have no doubt that nonna will grow more and more in the future. I'm a big fan!




nonna (ノンナ) lunch & cafe

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