Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cosmos Field & Noodle Restaurant -Onga & Okagaki

Cosmos season is almost over. My mom kept mentioning that we should visit this cosmos field along Onga River before it's over. When we finally made it, flowers were a little bit fading but still beautiful. On the way, we stopped by "Shouro" in Okagaki. It is a very known chanpon noodle restaurant in town. Chanpon noodle is originally from Nagasaki. Shouro's chanpon tastes very light and healthy with plenty of vegetables. Usually soup in noodle soup tends to taste too salty for me but their soup was just perfect. Each of us ordered small (630 yen) which filled us up more than enough.



I found a small mantis in front of the back door when we came home. He turned his face towards me as I came closer to him. He was looking at me as if he was investigating me. It's such a bug central here! This morning was a big fat green grasshopper that hopped near me. I am getting used to it.... a little bit....




  1. Nice shot of a mantis, I think he’s smiling at you…? I like insects for their unique, machine-like shapes… as long as they’re printed nice & flat on books. Real things will only make me scream. (Size doesn’t matter!)

  2. Thank you! Yea....they appear without notice and freak me out but my mom told me that she was like me before. That means.... you get used to it eventually!



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