Sunday, September 20, 2015

Old Town Temecula



Did I succeessfully photograph the images that show the crazy heat here?

Despite the maple trees with yellow leaves showing the seasonal transition, it was brutal today in Temecula!

You don't want to know how hot it was.

Old Town Temecula is a charming small town that displays the mixture of Native American and Spanish influences.

"Old Town Spice & Tea Merchants" is a perfect spot to step away from the heat and sip some iced tea.

Their selection of spices, herbs and tea leaves is so wide. What I had was orange passion fruit iced tea but oh boy, it was tough to pick just one out of hundreds of choices. Orange, green, brown earthy toned particles are nicely put in clear glass containers that are labeled and placed tightly next to each other in the shelves, releasing healing aromas. The lady who helped me told passionately that they want to keep expanding the selection, adding more to the shelves that are held by tall rustic beams. I do see some rooms up there. Just as I pictured, she mentioned about a library ladder. That would be cool! The outside seating is in the shade that provides a breezy cool air and coziness. What makes it more special and darling is the warm and hard working ladies in the shop. (Should have taken their pictures too.) So nice to see these small businesses with such uplifting vibes.


The regular highway route was quite awful with heavy traffics and bumpy roads under constraction. So, the scenic way called Ortega Highway was taken for the first time for returning home. The road is winding and keeps elevating till the breathtaking lake view suddenly appears. Unfortunately, this was the only image I could manage to take while driving. All the winding was surely worth it.






Old Town Spice & Tea Merchants (オールドタウンスパイス&ティマーチャンツ)はそんな暑さから逃れてアイスティを啜るひとときには絶好のスポット。





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