Monday, September 28, 2015

Monochrome Sunday



Visited OC Museum of Art yesterday.

They currently exhibit "My Generation: Young Chinese Artists". I will share some work that I really liked on my next post.

I didn't want to take pictures inside the museum so these wooden installation and the ivy wall are outside views.

And! Although I should've known about "blood moon" in time and that this one was captured an hour after the eclipse, it was still powerful and admirable enough. A rainbow toned halo was actually surrounding this supermoon at the time but didn't show in the image. The moon up close looks like an abstract drawing. Such a beauty.



"My Generation: Young Chinese Artists" と題し、中国若手アーティストたちのグループ展が行われていました。次回また改めてお気に入りアーティストの作品を数点紹介します。




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