Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Artist in Beijing - Liang Yuanwei


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I was so mesmerized by Liang Yuanwei's work in OCMA the other day. Sharing here are what I didn't see at the exhibition. (The ones I saw were probably like 200cm x 200cm. I'm assuming these are about the same size.)

How do I describe her work.. It is powerful, lush, elegant and delicate at the same time. It is rather intricate than simple but I feel somewhat at ease admiring it.

Just imagining how many days and hours were spent on each work really inspires me. Huge passion with lots of hard work. Simply breathtaking.


先日はOCMA にて、リアン・ユアンウェイの作品に心奪われてしまいました。こちらに載せたものはいずれも展示されていたものではないのですが。(展示されていたものは2メートル四方ほどだったと思います。こちらのも同じくらいかしら。)




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