Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Home -mini rose and books

A small pot of mini rose joined in my patio this spring, but just as someone at the store warned me, flowers faded and half of the stems turned brown shortly after. I was told that the roses are quite sensitive to the climate change, when they are kept indoor for a while, the outdoor sunlight is too strong for them so you have to slowly make them adjust. I didn't do a good job on that obviously. After the summer is over, I found a tiny rose bud blooming again. Considering how wimpy and almost dead it looked at one point, I'm amazed and happy for the vitality of the plant. The soft pink bud is growing bigger and bigger everyday.

Friday, I take a trip to the library, going through the long weekend's heavy traffic that wears me out.
I return Saroyan and Bukowski and borrow a few books including Sophie Calle and another Bukowski. Sophie Calle's "The Address Book" turns out to be quite outrageous. As usual, I walk around between non-fiction aisles so I stumble upon whatever draws my attention, just pretty much from the look of their spines. I find this "The Address Book" in the photography section. It's a small book with a vintage chic black fabric spine and red cover. Inside the book are the diary styled notes next to moody black and white photographs. The introduction goes: "I found an address book on the Rue des Martyrs. I decided to photocopy the contents before sending it back to its owner..... I will contact the people whose names are noted down... ask them to tell me about the owner of the address book.....Thus, I will get to know this man through his friends and acauaintances.....The man's name is Pierre D." How weird is that!? Ok, this book is coming back with me today.

A address book, Paris, 1983.... Sorry for Pierre D., but I couldn't beat my curiosity on nostalgic and imaginary aspects of the story. You might either feel the same way as me or would find the whole idea nothing but inappropriate and disturbing but I hope I made you at least a little bit curious.

Now reading Bukowski's "Come On In!". I like this one a lot better than "The Roominghouse Madrigals" that I just returned or any other novels that I've read long time ago. Maybe because it is more of his true voice that he left to be published after his death. Nothing can beat truth and genuineness. Sadly, it's not always accepted in the society.

春に小さなミニローズの鉢がベランダに加わったのですが、お店の誰かに忠告された通り、すぐに花は枯れ、茎も半分は茶色になってしまいました。バラは環境の変化にとても敏感で、室内でずっと過ごしていたものには外の日差しは強すぎるので、ちょっとずつ順応させなきゃいけない、と言われたのでした。案の定失敗。。 ところが夏が終わり、小さな蕾を発見。あんなに弱っちく今にも枯れそうだったのに、植物の生命力には驚きです。嬉しい。淡いピンクの蕾は日々大きくなっていってます。

サロヤンとブコウスキーを返却。新たにソフィ・カルとブコウスキーもう一冊、その他色々新たに借りる。ソフィ・カルの「アドレス・ブック」には驚き。いつも通り、ノン・フィクションのコーナーをうろうろ彷徨い、気になるもの(本の背で判断)をランダムにチョイス。「アドレス・ブック」には写真コーナーで出会う。小ぶりで、黒のビンテージ風な布張りの背に、赤のカバー。日記調の記述と、そこに添えられたその時々の気分に合わせて、といったかんじの白黒写真たち。「Rue de Martyrs でアドレス帳を見つけた。持ち主に返す前に、中身をコピーすることにした。…ここに記されている人々に連絡してみる。…そしてこの持ち主のことを聞き出す。…そうやって持ち主の人物像を彼の友達や知り合いの話から固めていこうと思う。...彼の名前はピエール・D.」 なんて奇想天外!これは読まねば、ということでお持ち帰り決定。



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