Sunday, May 31, 2015


It was a perfect day for the beach today.


Everything seems to be colorful at this time of the year, even these succulents on the sand.
I couldn't recognize what this pink is at first. Looked like some kind of pink berry but turned out to be ice plant.  The pink color is such a brilliant and unusual looking that can draw more attention than its actual daisy-like flowers, which are almost all gone by now. This Southern African mesembryanthemum is also called "fig marigold" or "sea fig", which I can see why.

I remember when my mom made tempura with ice plant a few years ago in Japan, which was so tasty by the way, I got a little confused. Ice plant I knew was the one with dark pink flowers  that carpet the whole coastline in Monterey Peninsula, which leaves are very hard and pointy, far from the one I tasted as tempura. And this one I saw today in Corona Del Mar reminded exactly of the one I enjoyed. They might be just different kinds.

Ice plant has became popular as a healthy food in Japan very recently. The juicy texture with a little saltiness makes such a perfect tempura ingredient. I wonder if we will start seeing it in the grocery stores over here soon in the US too.




Found another pretty flower tree on the way home.
Once again, I am having hard time finding out the name of this beauty.


Another weekend joy: painting nail and checking out the trend.


Decided to add some tassels to the green aventurine (&coral) knotted leather necklace.
Tassels are attached to clasps, which can be on or off, also can hook anywhere on the loop.


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