Thursday, May 21, 2015

Flowers and Colors of the Day - NOMAD's 10 Color Palette

I do a little town exploring once every week and the prettiest things I saw today were these dahlias in front of the shop. Purplish blue toned bluemink or flossflower underneath really created a nice contrast against the dahlia's rich vivid colors.

In the book "NOMAD", Sibella Court advises on "The 10 color pallete". That you pick 10 color combinations to decorate the space. That the colors you end up using could be just a few out of 10 but it's good to gather these colors to visualize at first.

I think that is a great excise not only for creating something but also for having good time playing with colors in a daily basis. I stopped by the local hardware store to pick up some color samples but came to realize that it's quite difficult to choose a good combination. Standing in front of hundreds of colors definitely is overwhelming and causes indecisiveness, unless you already have a precise image stuck in your head.

"NOMAD" features five different countries she traveled for this book, in which she displays 10 color palette for each country. The set could be different when seen by a different set of eyes. These five counties include Japan, Italy, India, Syria and Mexico. Nonetheless to say, they are so distinct from each other: not only the styles but also the colors she saw in each country. Especially Japan, what she found unique and interesting were not new to me, of course, yet the way she adopts them into her version gave me a new perspective. Nothing new yet very interesting to see from her point of view. These things I grew up taking for granted look so modern chic. For example, the rainchain, which I didn't even know how to call, I've never considered it as something decorative. Well, I can go on and on but will post some more images next time. Anyhow, tne way to keep a fresh mind and set of eyes will be traveling, I'm sure. I would love to more in near future.





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