Thursday, May 14, 2015


Newport Beach Library has been my favorite place lately.
I enjoy checking out many genres of books that inspire me in different ways.
You may never know what could open you up and bring new ideas.
50 books is a limit you can check out at once and that is A LOT!
I like the self check-out station too, where they also provide green tote bags that you can borrow, how clever!
Technology has taken away so many manual jobs though, I do miss the old ways sometimes.


Here are some goodies that came home with me.
I liked Sibella Court's "NOMAD" so I borrowed "GYPSY" this time.
I do agree though, with the critics that were given to "NOMAD" on the writing, which is hard to read because of the layout, color and font - I see the improvement in "GYPSY". - But doesn't matter as much after all as the pictures are so pretty, displaying full of cool, unique styles. I'm sure it has delivered so many DIY ideas to the readers. I will post about the book some other time.


Here's the jewelry studio image introduced in Anastasia Young's "The Workbench Guide to Jewelry Techniques". Love the simplicity.

アナスタジア・ヤング著の『The Workbench Guide to Jewelry Techniques』内で紹介されている作業机のイメージ。シンプルでいいな。

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