Saturday, September 22, 2012


Her newest album, "COCCOON"

I happened to see Chara's interview on tv the other day: Chara is a Japanese musician who I liked a lot in my college days. The picture is taken at Marc Jacob's show in NY where she was invited and sat in a very competitive front row. In the interview, she mentioned that she feels overwhelmed to go to this kind of runway show except it's her friend's event and also she rarely travels abroad (it was her 3rd time visiting NY) since she has a fear of flying. Hearing her talk in a relaxed and down-to-earth manner, the memory hit me that I was very fond of her super unique style in music and fashion back then. Her 20-year career as a musician has been shining more and more as her spirits have been polished even more by her experience as a mother. Lastly, she comments that mother is one of the most creative jobs on earth.



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