Friday, July 13, 2012

New desk arrived & one-of-a-kind rug

Here's my tiny desk. It was getting over capacity... so we went to IKEA for another desk. By the way, I got this magnifying lamp the other day and loving it so much!! Highly recommended.

こちら、私の小さな机です。容量オーバーになってきているため、 二台目求めてIKEAへ。ところで、この顕微鏡付きのランプを先日ゲットしたのですが、かなりのスグレ物!!オススメです。

So, this is the new work station for metalwork. My original desk is now for beading only with all my gemstone beads on it. So far the space I need is those two desk areas and also the sink but that's about it. Oh also the coffee table that I photograph my jewelry on. It's pretty compact, right?


Off the topic, sharing here is a rug that was handwoven by my boyfriend's cousins who spent days and days to complete this for him. His name is also on it. What a fascinating gift! Can you imagine how they make this beautiful pattern by hand?


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