Friday, July 20, 2012

Mystery bottle? -Nerelo Del Bastardo

I found this Italian wine at Trader Joe's the other day and the story was found on the back label.

"NELERO DEL BASTARDO was invented purely by chance. When winemakers in Italy wish to make certain "BIG" wines, that we are not permitted to mention here under Italian low, the laws governing these wines only allow certain amounts of wine after aging (min. 3 years) to have a limited number of goverment issued neck labels. When these run out, the excess may only be sold as table wine even though the juice is the same..... Oak aged in barrels for 3 months prior to bottling gives the wine that rich taste."

Since it's a "mystery bottle", I saw some people pointing out the inconsistency in tastes but I liked mine. Getting a few bottles to compare each one might be also fun. I like the idea of enjoying a top notch wine reasonably not knowing the name of it. It is $7.99, only imported to Trader Joe's.

Unfortunately, our 3rd bottle was a complete disaster....
I don't know if we wanna buy this again.
That's the catch to this story.






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