Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July Hanabi

We were out on the road 10 munutes before 9 pm, expecting to see some fireworks in our area. There were some small ones here and there on the way but the one in Newport Dunes seemed to be the biggest. We parked our car somehow in near location, enjoyed the show that lasted for about 20 minutes. Although it was overcast, colorful sparks beautifully and powerfully painted on the sky canvas. Happy 4th of July!

近所で花火が見れるだろうということで、9時10分前にドライブ開始。途中で小さいのがあちこちで見られたのですが、Newport Dunesのが一番大きい様子。近くにどうにか車を停め、20分ほどの花火ショーを楽しみました。お天気は曇りだったのですが、色とりどりの火花たちが空のキャンバスをきれいに、迫力満点に描いていました。Happy 4th of July!

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