Friday, December 2, 2011

Anthropologie's Christmas

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Went to Anthropologie. It was full of cheerful colors that made me excited as usual. I bought some dinnerware & journals that were on sale.  Rebecca Rebouche's (the artist that I adore) bedding was also on sale which was very tempting. When I was about to leave the shop, I found a section displaying all inspiring wrapping materials such as papers, ribbons, and tapes. Spools of felt cord in vivid pink & yellow caught my attention. Hmmmm... they look a lot alike what I purchased in Japan for jewelry making but this one is a lot more that means I have to have them!

My Christmas shopping is not even near finished.... I have to do more research online before I venture into random shops next time. Looking for gifts is fun but quite energy draining at the same time when you have no clue on where to find them.... Plus, daylight saving ended and it's pitch-dark before 5 o'clock nowadays. Well, no rush. Time to go home and relax.




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