Thursday, October 15, 2015

Pink Flower Tree



It's mid October and the irregular heat is still brutal over here. It's supposed to be cooling down from today.

Not sure whether the crazy hot climate is making them or not, but these pink flower trees were blooming everywhere in a parking lot. (Vintage yellow Toyota looked cute with it)

The name of the tree turns out to be Silk Floss Tree, native in Argentina and Brazil. Its thorny trunk has a tropical exotic appeal. The name comes from the cotton or silk-like fibers surrounding the seed pods although you don't see them in the blooming season. What's also not showing but would create a pretty contrast is monarch butterfulies that are said to like its nector - reminds me of the mesmerizing monarch sanctuary in Monterey from last year.. I would love to visit again... LINK


10月も半ばだというのにいまだ異常な暑さ。 今日から涼しくなるとのことだけど。





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