Sunday, October 25, 2015

Cal Poly Pomona ~Animals~

Healed by animals today in Cal Poly Pomona.


Dropped by Kellogg Arabian Horse Center, donated to the university by Mr. Kellogg (known for the cereal company), to admire beautiful horses.
They were too busy digging in the food to show their pretty faces but I was excited to be so close to them and pet the friendliest one. Precious things...

Here's the cow farm inside the campus. They were all scattered and far from the fense in the beginning. And then... they all started staring at me curiously and slowly walking towards me. Two cows, three, and five gathered up side by side in the end. I have no idea what they were thinking. Did they want to defend themselves or they thought I brought them some food or maybe I looked like a food...? -I saw some of them drooling in fact! It was getting dark. I said good-bye to these mysterious moomoos.


There are so many wild animals and birds fearlessly running and flying around everywhere on campus. And look at this guy. He stopped running, glanced at me and stood up as if he wanted to challenge me. No, I don't want to fight you, please! Wild animals here seem to be less afraid of people.



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