Sunday, June 21, 2015

New Bezel Necklace & Earrings - Simple Modern Jewelry



New items just posted on my Etsy shop today.

The blue stone on the top is topaz, uniquely coated on the faceted backside for a mystic effect.

"Jooni" mark is engraved on the tag. I have a few more stones around this size that I'm thinking of making in the same style next week. They will be citrine, amethyst and blue topaz.

The cabochon pearl is finished in more of a playful funky way with layered and textured bezel and a chain accented with smaller pearl beads for an asymmetrical look.

Oval link stud earring is another stainless steel piece, accented with sterling silver circle bottomed with Japanese Akoya pearl. Simple modern appeal, could go with many differerent styles.

The last pair is a little bit more on a feminine sweet side, made out of 14kt gold filled wire, chain and gray bluish toned dreamy moss aquamarine.


All posted for sale here:












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