Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Flowers and a Bunny at the Park

Today at the park.
When driving back home, the sight of the bush of white roses tempted me to drop by and take a closer look.
The flowers were almost faded but the creamy white color looked so delicate and pretty.
After leaving the rose bush, I ran into a cute bunny. I rarely see these adorable creatures coming into sight during daytime but no one was around besides me today that he (or she) must have felt safe to do so. When I walked closer he hopped into the bushes yet I could still see him looking towards me. We were staring at each other for a while then he suddenly ran away. What cute eyes with such soft looking furs!
Just a little walk by the flowers and under the trees really refreshed me.
Hope to be dreaming about the bunny tonight.
Have a nice evening!


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