Thursday, April 23, 2015

Coral, Amber, and Blue Chalceondy, Moss Aquamarine - in 14kt GoldFilled-Story of Amber

Oceanic aqua blue, coral red and sunshine yellow...
Healing, passionate and naturalistic..


<Coral x Blue Chalcedony>
Love & Passion x Communication

<Amber x Blue Chalcedony x Pink Coral>
Purification x Reduce Anger x Reconnect with Nature

<Moss Aquamarine x Freshwater Pearl>
Calming x Courageous

Going back to Amber again, the golden honey beauty....
Is it only me that can't help wondering what the story behind this delicious looking
mesmerizing organic gem? Here is a little bit of what I learnt from this interesting book called GEMS in MYTH LEGEND and LORE by Bruce G. Knuth.

Amber has been used as amulets from earliest recorded history, as old as 7000B.C. in
-(ceramic) mesolithic, when the first animal carvings were made out of this natural gem.

It also has its own myths or folklores in both western and eastern world:
ancient Roman, Greek, Lithuanian and Chinese....

Lots of gemstone relating myths turn out to be tragedies, something to do with someone's mistakes or rages, which end up with punishments or cause sad consequences. The results are that tears, bodies of the innocense, or some kind of traces from the sadness turning into crystals. Myths on amber weren't any exception; a bewitched princess loses her loving husband and children, doomed to search for them all over the world. She dropped tears into the sea along the way and that's wehre we find amber today, etc.

Despite the sad stories, amber had been valued and worshipped as "a stone of benefit", used both for protections and medecines. 

I can understand the healing part because of its incredible smell when burnt. I do this to test its authencity by touching just a tip of the piece with the fire-heated needle point. The real amber releases such a nice scent, which feels so amazingly healing. For fake ones? It just smells like a burnt plastic, phew! 

Old times people wore amber beads in necklaces, it was said to heal wearers' throat. I made a necklace to keep for myself, let's see if that is true!







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