Sunday, February 8, 2015

Carlsbad State Beach

Took a short trip to Carlsbad State Beach yesterday.
Our original destination was San Diego but the traffic jam seemed to become worse and worse so we decided to take the next exit off the freeway, heading for the nearest beach. This unplanned wanderlust took us to the spot that exceeded our expectation. I loved how the rounded pebbles randomly lay on the sand, the reddish layer along the shore adds a dramatic effect to the view. Damp looking bright green toned algae clinging onto the rock, which might get soaked all the way up by the water during the high tide every night. Despite more and more people showing up to watch the sunset, all the clouds out of nowhere began to cover up the sky and completely hide the precious sun. The disappointed audience started to leave. Oh well, no sunset today, but instead, amusing ending was the lovely pair of pelicans flying across the gloomy sky. Carlsbad State Beach became one of my favorite beaches in Southern California.


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