Sunday, February 1, 2015

Saturday Sunset in Santa Monica

The half of January was spent at home because of a bad flu I caught.
So, I wanted a good getaway this weekend, the last day of the month.

Living in Orange County, a little getaway would be either San Diego or Los Angeles; South or North on highway 405. Due to the late departure, the destination was set on Santa Monica, 50 miles North.

Parked the car at the beginning of the Third Street Promenade, we walked all the way to the other end of it. Shops are not much of my interests but what's powerful in this place is the vibe of "the freedom of expression" released by numerous street performers and musicians. Voices and instruments stop the pedestrians' steps, keeping the place vibrant all day long.

By the time we hit the end of it and started walking back the way we came, the sky on the left hand side was turning orange. Off the route we went to enjoy this evening beauty before heading back to the car.





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