Saturday, February 14, 2015

Gem's Tale ~ Amethyst ~

Amethyst, its history goes all the way back to Ancient Egypt, being worn and worshiped - especially as rings, by high priests and bishops in Western world throughout centuries. In the Medieval Ages, amethyst was called "Soldier's Stone" as soldiers started wearing amethyst-accented rosaries. In Eastern world, back in Qin Dynasty, this purple beauty was crushed into powders, taken as a valuable medicine to cure diseases and pains. Interestingly, not the stone yet the color purple was considered noble in Japan, as the highest in Twelve Level Cap and Rank System established in the year 603.

The name amethyst derives from the Greek word amethustos, meaning "sober" or "intoxication". One of the ancient legends says that amethyst is an incarnation of a girl who was about to be attacked by the tiger that was manipulated by a drunk and angry wine god, Bacchus. Moon goddess Diana, the girl's master, then turned the girl's body into a clear crystal quartz right before the attack. Bacchus regretted his cruel act, he poured a red wine over the crystal, which gave the stone a beautiful purple hue. .. The other version, which seems to make more sense, is that the goddess did such a thing out of the jealousy of the girl, whom Bacchus was falling in love with. Either way, it's a tragedy! 

Amethyst has had strong religious and spiritual meanings throughout history. In today's world, February's birthstone, amethyst is known as "nature's tranquilizer", a great talisman to enhance one's creativity and passion, to lead business success.

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アメジストという名の由来はギリシャ語のアメテュストス。「シラフ」とか「酒に酔わない」という意味を持つ。古代の言い伝えによると、アメジストは、酔いと怒りでご乱心のバッカス(ワインの神)の嗾けで、虎に襲われそうになった少女の化身と言われている。少女の主人であった月の女神ディアナは少女を守るべく、攻撃される直前にその姿を透明の水晶に変えた。バッカスは自分の悪行を悔い、水晶に赤ワインを注いだところ水晶は美しい紫と化したとさ、というお話。こちらの方が納得がいく、という別バージョンとしては 、バッカスの心を奪った少女に女神が嫉妬して行った仕打ち、というもの。どちらにせよ、悲劇ですね。


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