Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Organic Veggies & Ethnic Sweets

I was exhausted yesterday. I guess I worked too hard.
So, I decided to take it easy today but so far it's going to be the same;
starting my morning with Etsy, followed by endless things to search online,
then photographing.



I  received wonderful gifts the other day: organic veggies, a bag full of nuts, eggs, and comb honey made in Fresno.I was amazed to find a purple pepper and pale green toned egg in it. Love this kind of oddball nature. I will enjoy them! Also some Persian sweets. The round one on the right tastes similar or almost exactly like the one in Japan. I'm dying to know what it was but can't remember... might hit me during my next visit. Persian sweets contain a plenty of pistachio, honey and rose water that go perfect with black tea. The yellow comes from saffron. This one is called "sohan", which texture is crispy outside and honey's stickiness inside. The white on on the back is "gaz", which is like nougat. They are both so addictive. Sohan is so rich and just a few bites is satisfying but gaz is very dangerous. I will enjoy them a little by little.

My recent appetite has been leading me to seek for specific taste and making me cook more.
I will be using this squash tonight.




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